Proofreading services

Proofreading, proof reading

Do you have a thesis or an assignment that is ready for marking? Good grammar, spelling, punctuation and accurate referencing can be worth around 10% of your marks. So why not let AlphaBetter help you to score these bonus points? 

Submitting a job application? Your CV / resume, application letter and answers to the selection criteria need to be perfect!

Let AlphaBetter assist you to make the best impression you can.

Do you have a website? Are you sure all the wording is correct? Sloppy website content can reflect badly on the developer and the owner. Once again, let AlphaBetter assist you to make the best impression.

Have you written a book? Are you sure that there are no mistakes? It is hard to see our own mistakes. Let AlphaBetter free you to work on your masterpiece by doing the proofreading for you!

Making a presentation? In a hurry to meet deadlines? AlphaBetter can check it to make sure there are no embarrassing mistakes. 

Costs: Starting at AU$40 per 1000 words of standard proofreading. Urgency (1-3 days) fees apply.

Proofreading ...

... why bother???